Integrate a digital dictation solution into your company easier and faster with proven bottom-line results

Zephyr-TEC and Winscribe: A winning team!Dictate Easier

Zephyr-TEC Corp., founded in 1993 and headquarted in Southern California with locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Phoenix and Las Vegas, is a Certified Platinum Winscribe Partner. We have been deploying Winscribe's dictation solutions since 2001. Our Winscribe customers include hospitals, university medical centers, medical groups and clinics, law firms, insurance companies, professional corporations and transcription companies.

Winscribe Inc., headquarted in Chicago, IL, USA with offices around the globe, is a world-leading developer of software solutions for digital dictation (with voice recognition optional), transcription and workflow management. Originally founded in New Zealand in 1989, Winscribe's solutions are now deployed worldwide at over 3500 sites with over 350,000 users.

Dictate Easier . . . from AnywhereDigital Dictation

Winscribe makes the job of dictation easier from anywhere you are, with just about any type of input device. You have the option of recording your dictation using your PDA, PC or notebook, digital handheld device, cell phone, touchtone telephone or VoIP phone. And because Winscribe uses digital files instead of tapes, your work can be sent for transcription instantly from any location with internet access.

Winscribe also allows you to monitor the status of your work from anywhere. You are able to retrieve jobs for review and editing or download completed jobs which can include the transcribed document. Combined with Winscribe’s faster digital transcription, your dictation will be ready sooner and with a lot less effort.

Transcribe Faster . . . Share and Prioritize

Winscribe's unique Intelligent Workflow Management automatically manages the distribution and prioritization of your dictations set for transcription. Dictation workflow can be defined according to specific job types based upon the user, type of work, team, location, or other criteria. This not only allows better control of workload, but is also helpful for planning and managing of staff resources.

Winscribe gets this done by enabling the sharing of server hardware across any number or users or multiple sites, promoting ultimate flexibility and mobility. Information is shared between sites quickly and workloads can be interactively managed, meaning work peaks and troughs can be eliminated by work sharing.

Bottom-Line Results

Lower dictation/transcription costs and increased productivity is the bottom-line results every law firm, medical facility or professional office is looking for.

With Winscribe digital dictation software, your organization will experience cost savings as a result of an immediate increase in company wide work sharing and productivity. Winscribe ensures dictation is available immediately to your transcriptionists which improves report turnaround time and maximizes productivity. By literally eliminating or reducing keystrokes, transcription and other administrative costs are significantly lowered.

Combined with Zephyr-TEC’s industry leading software implementation, training and support, the Winscribe Digital Dictation and Workflow Management system and Zephyr-TEC make an unbeatable team.